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We are #innovesians

We are a group of innovators with different backgrounds and talents, committed on working collaboratively to make ideas happen.


Innovesia is passionately built and led by these awesome innovation thinkers 

who are passionate about building innovation mindset.

fiter bagus edited.png

Fiter Bagus Cahyono

Professional Innovator | Digital Transformation | Communication | Venture-Startup Builder | Design Thinking Expert | Customer Insight Researcher | Government Relation | Lecture at Business School & Universities 




The Innovesia team consists of members from various background that are always ready to support your innovation needs. 

Mia Astari

VP of Corporate Innovation

Rifan Sevila

VP of Open Innovation


Lisa Dewi Dzakiyah M.

Business Innovation Designer

Agnetha Ekaputrie

Finance & Accounting

Muhammad Rizki Fauzy

Business Innovation Officer

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