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Our projects using Industry 4.0 technologies

Lampung Tourism using Augmented Reality

Innovesia Lampung VR.png

Innovesia was chosen as the economic development and tourism accelerator for Lampung province. In 2015, we launched the new brand, logo, and tagline of Lampung alongside the overall provincial marketing communication strategy.


Then in cooperation with AR&CO, a company that produces Augmented Reality technologies and applications, Innovesia created the Lampung Tourism app using Augmented Reality.

3D printing startup incubation and market development for BikinBot

Innovesia BikinBot.png

BikinBot, one of the strategic partners of Innovesia, is a tech startup focusing on building 3D printing and its derivatives. They run 3 business models: 1) build and sell the 3D printer machine, 2) design and produce the 3D model for customized order, 3) service and rental of 3D printers.


BikinBot’s 3D printers have been sold and used by a wide range of customers base from an individual, institutional and corporation. They aim to build an adaptive manufacturing ecosystem in Indonesia.

Open Source IoT technology to monitor water pressure system for PDAM and USAID IUWASH

Innovesia IUWASH water pressure.png

Makedonia Makerspace & Innovation Hub, a sister company of Innovesia, was engaged by USAID IUWASH PLUS as an innovation partner to deliver a project on Open Source Hardware using IoT technology to monitor water pressure system for PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum) Kota Bekasi and Kabupaten Bogor.

Strategic partnership with for healthcare data analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Innovesia invested in, a tech startup focusing on delivering data analytics using Artificial Intelligence algorithm to improve the patient-care service by the professional in the healthcare industry.


The products of range from;  1) Visualization of Lab Test result, 2) Bio-informatic, 3) Patient Health Record Journey, and 4) Health Dashboard.


Currently, exploring the partnership with BPJS Kesehatan to provide an Artificial Intelligence dashboard to help to manage and saving costs in the area of preventive health care

Innovesia datamedis.png

Strategic eCommerce Road Map & Blue Print for BNI’s Rumah Kreatif Sleman and Banyuwangi using Digital Marketing and SEO Optimization

Innovesia BNI Rumah Kreatif.png

Rumah Kreatif (RK) is a part of BNI’s CSR program. RK and Local SMEs Marketplace has been the potential one to empower SMEs. Many activities done by RK in the process of building qualified human resources and to support SMEs producing high quality product. Nonetheless, the current condition of RK’s management team is still not maximum in helping the SMEs to grow.

Innovesia provided e-Commerce and marketplace consultation to support Rumah Kreatif’s management team to be qualified and able to achieve Rumah Kreatif 2.0. The programs were: Site Visit, Design Thinking Workshop, e-Commerce and Marketplace Workshop, Innovation Incubation and Mentoring, and Advisory. The purpose of the programs were to embed innovative and creative mindset to RK management team and to enable them in doing their innovation.

Incubation and Mentoring Program for Startups focusing Industry 4.0 with @america


Innovators@america is the 1st incubation program supported by @america and fully managed by Innovesia, and Makedonia Makerspace. The program was running the sessions in March 2019. There are more than 30 startups registered, and only 10 startups were selected for the incubation program. 

The program was focusing on incubating and mentoring startups who want to build their ideas with Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies.

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