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Innovation Park


Makedonia HIRES VECTOR.png

Makedonia Makerspace & Innovation Hub

(PT Makedonia Indonesia Raya)


A profitable social enterprise missioned to foster innovation for sustainable development through strategic partnership, as well as building the capacity of the tech ecosystem

TamanTumbuh No BG.png

Sekolah Montessori Taman Tumbuh


A playgroup and kindergarten school based on the Montessori method, and prioritize children's education with observation, reflection, study, and concentration. The goal is not only to prepare the child for school but for his life.




BikinBot is an international company specializing in the design and manufacturing of 3D printers with operations in Ottawa, Canada and Jakarta Indonesia.
BikinBot designs 3D printers that are portable, simple, and affordable without compromising on reliability, speed and accuracy.

logo Bistik Delaris-01.png

Bistik Delaris


A family restaurant serving delights of heritage favors from generation to generation with specialties of bistik (Javanese beefsteak)

HLD & Co Logo HLD No BG.png

HLD & Co (PT Hikmat Layanan Dinamika)


A provider of innovative health devices and advisory group of partners focuses on Indonesia’s market and business environment in Healthcare, Lifesciences and Diagnostics.

logo-datamedis-header.png (PT. Ilmu Data Terpadu)


A digital health startup that visualizes healthcare data through 4 services: Laboratorium result visualization, biology and anatomy check visualization, healthcare journey visualization, health check-up dashboard. Datamedis also develops Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for healthcare data for commercial decision making and social cause

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