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Investing in Innovation 

Everyone can innovate, including you. 

We help people and organizations

to innovate in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

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Why Innovesia

Many reasons you can trust us to help you and your organizations to innovate. 


Defining strategy is very important when your organization

must keep innovating at all times. Our experiences give

valuable insights for your business & innovation strategy with

an agile approach. 

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Fulfill your


We are passionate and putting efforts to help you fulfill your

jobs-to be-done so you can rest assured that you’re giving

the most value to customers with your products. 

Collaboration for

sustainable innovation

Our collaboration network with partners from various backgrounds is our essential asset that will help you to ideate innovative solutions.

Our Services

Our services range from fundamentally build innovation capacity to advising strategic & sustainable innovation development for your organization. 



Capacity development for organization’s to be innovation ready. 


Facilitate organization identifying innovative solutions internally


Incubator & Accelerator

We scout potential innovative ideas and startups to be incubated with extended mentoring and investment facilitation. 


Consulting & Advisory

We help organization in formulating the most suitable strategy for innovation development

Corporate Innovation
We partner with organizations in sourcing innovative talents and ideas  to solve the organization’s challenges.

Funding & Investing

We provide seed funding and investment for early stage startups or SMEs to scale up their operation and expanding their market

How we help

organizations to innovate

Our secret recipes in designing sustainable innovation for your business. 

Infuse the right mindset and

empathy to develop innovative

mindset based on human’s needs. 

Equip the right methodology and systematic approach on human centered design for growth mindset 
and better solution

Enable innovators to collaborate with people from multiple background in solving problems by collecting creative ideas from different perspectives.

Innovation in the Era of

Industrial Revolution 4.0

We are very proud to initiate the first incubation program that 
helps innovative talents and ideas focuses on building

Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies.

Learn more about Industrial Revolution 4.0

Our Achievements

Our innovation journey providing Design Thinking workshop and Open Innovation program with various organizations in Indonesia has resulted

in amazing experiences and experiments. 

Our Clients and Partners


We followed the strategy as consulted with Innovesia, and it’s proven to optimize our operation while serving the best value for customers with our product.

-PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara)-

Innovation by Design 

Case Study on designing the future of mobility in Singapore

using Design Thinking framework

Visit our blogs to read more stories about our Innovation by Design journey 

with various organizations in Indonesia. 

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